Women's Hormones

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement for Women

is a proven treatment that corrects imbalances to achieve results for you naturally. Absolutely no synthetic chemicals! The hormones are derived from a natural plant source of soy and yams compounded to be biologically identical to human form of estradiol and testosterone. The body is given what it can no longer produce.


  • Natural relief from depression and anxiety and PMS
  • Safe and natural relief from hot flashes and night sweats
  • Completely natural, no side effects and hassle-free
  • Lose weight and regain those lost curves! Greater capacity to get in shape
  • Increased libido and desire for sex
  • Increased energy, focus and mental clarity
  • Lasts up to six months
  • Slipped painlessly uner the skin in the hip area - no patches or creams
  • Enjoy a restfull nights sleep at the end

Patient Testimonial

Dr. Gail Jackson

Is a leading specialist dedicated to restoring the well-being of women in this phase of life. With more than a decade of documented research and positive results, you can rest assured that her involvement and customized care will ease you through the challenges of life's aging process. Begin with the answers you deserve.

Patient Testimonial

How to get started:

  • Call our office for an appointment
  • Obtain specific hormone levels via blood sample using our lab or yours
  • Come in for a consultation and insertion of bio-identical hormone pellets