Eighty percent (80%) of women over the age of Fifty experience some degree of loss of bladder control!!! This can range from an occasional leak to embarrassing public accidents. The medical term for the involuntary loss of urine is incontinence. There are two types of incontinence...urgency incontinence and stress incontinence.

Stress incontinence occurs when a woman loses any amount urine when she coughs, sneezes, laughs, jogs, jumps or exercises. The pelvic floor which consists of the bladder and vagina often relaxes after childbirth ...even if the delivery is by cesarean section.. Because of this relaxation, the muscles and ligaments that traditionally lift and support the bladder are no longer able to function optimally.. bladder accidents occur.

Urgency Incontinence also known as the overactive bladder occurs when there is an involuntary loss of urine associated with a sudden compelling need to urinate .. With urgency incontinence or the overactive bladder there is a need to urinate even though the bladder is not full. This uncontrollable embarrassing condition can range from leaking a bit in the pants to a full flow... this is also referred to " the gotta goes".

If you have experienced any ONE of the following ONE time you may benefit from THE LADY LYFT our name for PRP for urinary Incontinence and the patented "O-SHOT.

If you ...know where All the bathrooms are everywhere you frequent and schedule your visits so you don't have an accident.

  • If you wear a pee pad .... just in case
  • If you no longer jog and would not think of jumping on a trampoline
  • If you wear legging made of quick-dry fabric to just in case
  • If you decrease your fluid intake before the sun sets
  • If you have remote grassy places on your dog walk and hikes to stop and pee
  • If you wet your pants when you see your front door
  • If you often don't get there in time and pee on the floor on the way
  • If you shy away from sex cause you know you will probably leak the next day

BEFORE YOU CHOOSE LONG TERM MEDS OR SURGERY..THE LADY LYFT our name for THE PRP BLADDER LIFT FOR URINARY INCONTINENCE AND Patented O-SHOT is something you should try. With an 80% effective rate....what do you have to lose ????

And while we are there how about letting us ignite those orgasms and pucker up those vaginal lips.


First you arrive at our office where a numbing gel is applied to your vaginal area and your blood is drawn the same way as with any blood test. While you relax , we place your blood sample in the centrifuge and using a special FDA-approved method, platelet rich plasma (PRP) is isolated and activated . This activated PRP is painlessly inserted into the space around the urethra , the clitoris , the vagina and vaginal lips . Here the PRP triggers platlets to release several different growth factors , activating stem cells to regenerate and repair the targeted area . The whole procedure lasts about 10 minutes with results lasting two years...

PRP for the vagina area is a relatively new as this novel procedure was developed about six years ago. Since that time more than 10,000 women have received this life altering procedure with fabulous published results, Many other medical specialists have used PRP more extensively. In the field of orthopedics , PRP is used to heal ligaments often avoiding surgery.

Review the internet and see what others are saying ... PRP for urinary incontinence, The O-SHOT..


"If you had asked me if I suffered from stress or urgency incontinence. I would have said NO.. BUT I realized I was significantly altering my life because  my bladder  controlled me.. I then realized I suffered from urgency compensate,  I just made sure my bladder was empty all the time. THE LADY LYFT changed my life..... Jackie K


"I still had mishaps and always wore dry wick leggings so WHEN I leaked no one would know.   I WAS GIVEN THE O SHOT or PRP FOR URINARY INCONTINENCE AND I EXPERIENCED BLADDER CONTROL WITHIN A FEW DAYS."....  Janet B


"I COULD NOT BELIEVE THE RESULTS AND THEY WERE MY OWN CELLS AT WORK!... After three months I felt the control had decreased so I received a SECOND injection of PRP to support my bladder neck and treat my urgency incontinence ...I HAVE BEEN EXPERIENCING GREAT CONTROL SINCE.... and while Dr. Gail was busy restoring ... I had it injected in my vaginal lips too....WOOHOO!!!! "  Carol T


"I'm in yoga again ... all poses ... no pee pee".  I LOVE MY LADY LYFT.. it cured my bladder incontinence."   Ramona R


"No more leaking because I had great sex".... TWICE IN A NIGHT!!!    Tiffany


" I can hike as long as I want and hydrate to my heart's content ,... YAY PRP FOR URINARY INCONTINENCE ".  Mary M


"I'm newly single and Oh so pretty down there."  I had the Lady Lyft vaginal lips pucker up .... Jana K


"I knew I needed surgery .. I tried the LADYLYFT PRP for urinary stress incontenience and it worked for a few months .  I am going to schedule my surgical procedure.  I now  know I have tried everything short of surgery and had a glimpse of how wonderful it will be to have bladder control... happy I tried the ladylyft... the vaginal tightening and puckering and the clitoral O-Shot  are AWESOME!!!   Peggy K

Experience bladder support and control , vaginal lyft and tightening and heightened orgasms... for TWO YEARS or more !!!!


Return your vagina to PLEASURE PERFECT